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How to set up FX Order Watch on mobile

Set up FX Order Watch and we'll alert you or convert funds automatically when your target exchange rate is reached.

Step 1. Check the latest FX rates and insights

• Log on to the HSBC HK Mobile Banking app, go to 'Investment' or 'Pay & Transfer', then select 'Foreign exchange'

• Check the latest rate quotes before making an exchange, or read our latest in-house FX insights

• Select 'Set your target rate' to set up an FX Order Watch or Rate Alerts
Screenshot showing Set up your FX Order Watch or Rate Alerts

Step 2. Set up your FX Order Watch or Rate Alerts

• Enter your target rate and we'll show you an allowable range so you can set it—you'll see the difference between the current rate and your target rate immediately

• The default order type is FX Order Watch—but you can toggle the button at the bottom of the mobile screen to only receive FX Rate Alerts when your target rate is hit

Step 3. Check your order status

Keep track of your orders and view the target rate against the prevailing rate easily via 'Watch status'