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A woman is using Automated Teller Machine; image used for Cash Advance Page.

Credit Card Cash Advance

Enjoy instant cash relief with HSBC card

Change in ATM daily withdrawal limit for Credit Card Cash Advance

Starting from 6 May 2024, the ATM withdrawal limit of cash advance from credit cards will be lifted from HKD20,000 to HKD40,000 per day or up to your available credit limit, whichever is lower, letting you enjoy instant cash relief with HSBC card anytime, anywhere.

Get cash from any ATMs and at counters with HSBC credit card, and meet your instant financial needs with interest free period, anytime, anywhere.


  • Easy Access - Withdraw and get cash from any ATMs worldwide, 24 hours a day
  • The daily withdrawal limit at ATMs up to HKD40,000
  • Financial Flexibility - Up to 56 days interest-free repayment period
  • No application required - Cash is ready immediately with your card

Forget Your ATM PIN?

If you can’t recall your credit card PIN, you may apply for re-issuance via below method:


  1. Credit Card Terms and related Terms and Conditions apply.
  2. Handling Fee of 1 % on the cash advance amount is charged for every cash advance transaction and is subject to a minimum charge. (The minimum charge for cash advance from ATMs with any HKD credit card is HKD100.)
  3. If Cardholders fail to make full payment of the statement balance on or before the payment due date of the statement, finance charge will be charged starting the next day from the closing date of such statement until the balance is fully paid. Annualised Percentage Rate (APR) on Cash Advance (inclusive of the handling and cash advance fees) is 35.94%.
  4. Please refer to the “Bank tariff guide for HSBC Wealth and Personal Banking Customers” for details of the cash advance fees and calculation of finance charge. The Bank reserves the right to amend the finance charge and other fees and charges.

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