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A fun and rewarding way to improve your wellness - body, money and mind.

Unlock your true wellness

Wellness encompasses your body, money and mind. With Well+, our wellness reward programme, you can nurture all 3 aspects of your well-being… and have fun doing it. Earn up to $2,000 RewardCash and/or vouchers[@wellplusreward] just by completing simple activities for all 3 badges at each level.
Discover even more enticing rewards in the 'Bonus Badge' section.

Join now on the HSBC HK Mobile Banking app (HSBC HK App), for free.

Key features

Level adventure

Harness the potential of your Body, Money and Mind. Through the level-up activities, you can earn RewardCash and partner vouchers and cultivate healthier habits in one go.

Bonus Badge

Benefit your wellbeing and earn RewardCash through the Well+ Bonus Badge – learn more.

Member exclusive offers

Don't miss out on offers only available on Well+ including insurance plans and banking products – learn more.

Keep track of your offers and challenges

Check out our member exclusive offers

Don't miss out on offers only available on Well+ including insurance plans and banking products. Offers include:

  • Enjoy extra discounts on insurance plans such as term life insurance, Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme and critical illness insurance

Stay on top of your wellness progress anytime anywhere

Keep track of your wellness progress and your next tasks in just a few taps, whether from your couch or on a jog.

  • Check your Level Adventure and Bonus Badge progress anytime on the HSBC HK App home page
  • Tasks that await you are shown front and centre on our dashboard, ensuring you never miss a challenge

Join Well+ in just a few steps

Step 1

Log on to the HSBC HK App. Under your accounts, go to ‘Well+’, and choose 'Get started'.

Step 2

Join Well+ by selecting 'Join Level Adventure' or 'Explore Bonus badge', and following the instruction on the screen. Start improving your wellness and be rewarded for it!

How to get started

What you'll need

To join Well+, you'll need to:

  • be registered for mobile banking on the HSBC HK App
  • have the Apple Health app if you're on an iOS device; or the Fitbit, Garmin Connect or Google Fit app if you're on an Android device

Got questions?

Go to 'Support' on HSBC HK App, then select 'Chat with us'. One of our service agents will be happy to help you.

Find out more

For more frequently asked questions, please log on to the HSBC HK App. Go to 'Well+' and select 'FAQ'.   


    The Well+ programme ("Programme") is co-branded by HSBC Life (International) Limited, incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability ("HSBC Life") and The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited ("the Bank"), incorporated in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ("Hong Kong SAR") with limited liability ("HSBC"), and is provided in Hong Kong SAR only.

    To be eligible to join the Programme, you are required to maintain your status as a valid "HSBC HK Mobile Banking" app user throughout the duration of the Programme; and your Well+ membership has not been cancelled or been terminated previously. App user is applicable to Hong Kong Residents only, not including MPF or Pension only customers .

    Terms and conditions apply on the Programme. You should not read information shown on this webpage alone but should always refer to the full and most up-to-date version of these terms and conditions, which are available on this Well+ webpage and on the "HSBC HK Mobile Banking" app. You should periodically check these terms and conditions and any other applicable documents relevant to the Programme.

    HSBC and HSBC Life reserve the right to cancel or terminate the Well+ membership if customer cannot fulfill the eligibility requirements as set out in the terms and conditions.

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