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Future Planner

Forecast your future finances so you can better plan ahead with confidence and ease

Investment involves risk. You should carefully consider whether any investment products or services mentioned herein are appropriate for you in view of your investment experience, objectives, financial resources and relevant circumstances. Please refer to the 'Disclaimer and risk warning' section for details.

Futureproof your life

See financial projections across your every stage of life, all with just one tool. Visit us in branch or try out the tool on our HSBC HK App.

Plan for your life goals and earn cash reward

Enjoy an HKD100 cash reward after completing Future Planner at branch. Offer valid till 31 July 2024.

Investment involves risks. Terms and conditions apply.

Key benefits

No crystal ball needed

Simply enter a few personal details and we will run real-time simulations that let you see what your finances will look like in the future

Plan for your lifelong goals

Forecast your short-term and long-term goals in minutes, no matter what they are—we'll project your finances across your whole life, taking factors like inflation and potential investment returns into account

Be prepared for the unexpected

Explore how your wealth might change, for better or for worse, and see how you can protect yourself and your loved ones during hard times by simulating crises

Discover suitable financial products

See how even minor adjustments can have major impacts; run simulations right away to see how investment, insurance and pension products could help you achieve your future financial goals

Visualise the future in minutes

Personal financial planning made simple

Forecast your short-term and long-term future in minutes. With the Future Planner, you can simulate your plans with different products. Financial freedom doesn't have to be a daydream.

Got enough to fund your life goals?

Life is full of uncertainty. There are many factors that can affect your financial future.

From buying your own home, saving an amount, to sending your children abroad for their studies or planning something else – we can help you see what the better, worse and median case may be for your financial future. That way, you can check if you're on the right path to success.

You can also simulate different scenarios to see how you can improve achievability for your goals. Watch the video to learn more.

Do you have enough to retire?

Tell us about your financial profile, when and how you want to retire. We'll factor in unexpected medical costs to help you evaluate your preparedness for retirement.

We can help you map the additional amount you'd need to achieve your retirement goals. Get forecasts on when you'd be out of your assets and plan better for your retirement.

Can't keep track of your finances?

With a few financial profile inputs, we'll show you a breakdown of your Net wealth.

Review your finances hassle-free with a comprehensive overview of your Net wealth as we help you calculate and categorise your different types of assets across your accounts. Try out our Future Planner in the HSBC HK App.

Award-winning financial planning tool

Bloomberg Businessweek Financial Institution Awards

Winner of:
  • Excellence Performance: Banking Securities Sector - Digital Innovation (2023)

Asian Banking & Finance Retail Banking Awards

Winner of:
  • Wealth Management Platform of the Year (2023)

Global Retail Banking Innovation Awards by The Digital Banker

Winner of:
  • Best Wealth Planning for Affluent Clients (2022)
  • Best Wealth Planning for Affluent Clients (2023)

Start planning for your future now

If you've got the HSBC HK App already

Scan the QR code to start using Future Planner now.

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Plan your finances with experts

Already banking with us?

Our wealth management specialists at our branches can help you forecast your net wealth. Find out how wealth and insurance products can impact your future.

Contact Relationship Manager

If you're an HSBC Premier Elite or HSBC Premier customer, you can contact your Premier Elite Director or Relationship Manager directly to plan your finances.

Frequently asked questions


Disclaimer and risk warning

This information is not and should not be construed as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to purchase or subscribe for any investment. HSBC has based this list on information obtained from sources it believes to be reliable but which it has not independently verified. HSBC makes no guarantee, representation or warranty and accepts no responsibility or liability as to its accuracy or completeness. The information is subject to change without notice.

All products in Future Planner are generalized for simulation purpose only without taking product suitability and personal affordability into account. The results may differ from the actual product behaviour, including but not limited to return, risks, premium amount, payment term, cash value, and coverage. We do not represent or warrant that any movements provided in the simulation tool are likely to occur in the future, as past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. There may not be any HSBC product that provide the same outcome as the simulation in this tool. If you would like to understand how the simulation is projected and its assumption and limitation, please contact our staff.

Note that we are not recommending or solicitating any investment and insurance products by way of Future Planner. Please note that the simulation provided in Future Planner is indicative and for reference only. You should not act on or place any reliance on any information on this page without seeking specific professional advice.