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A woman is using smart phone; image used for HSBC Hong Kong Cybersecurity and Fraud Prevention Information Center.

Cyber security and fraud hub

New safety measure in the Android version of the HSBC HK App

Learn more on how we protect you from malware with our new safety measure in the Android version of the HSBC HK App.

Empowering you to review your account activities

Learn more on how the activity log in the HSBC HK App will facilitate you to detect suspicious activities easier and earlier. Alternatively, review selected activities now through HSBC HK App > Profile > Activity Log.

As part of our commitment to promote cyber security, this information hub has fraud prevention tips and simple steps you can take to enhance your security knowledge and protect your money and personal data.

Security tip:

Change your passwords/PIN regularly to safeguard your personal and banking data from scammers.

Award announcement

Gold Award image used for award announcement for hsbc cyber security

We're dedicated towards advocating cyber security

For our efforts to protect our customers against digital fraud and champion cyber security awareness, HSBC clinched the Excellence Award of Cyber Security Management (Banking) at the 01 Gold Medal Awards organised by HK01.

HSBC Cyber Security Index

How can Hongkongers improve their cyber security level in terms of knowledge, behavior and attitude?

How to use online and mobile banking more securely

Start by using your portable devices properly.

How to prevent cyber attacks or scams

Learn about the latest tactics of cyber criminals to protect yourself from being scammed.

Learn more about the different kinds of fraud

Read about the most common types of frauds as well as security tips to help you handle them.

Security for banking services

Help us protect your account details and assets even better.