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Children Savings Account

Teach your kids good saving habits now. The account offers at-a glance online statements and let them earn interest on their balance1
T&Cs apply.

Kick-start your kids' good saving habits

HSBC’s Children Savings Accounts can help little ones to learn basic money concepts at an early stage and let teenagers take the first steps toward managing their money independently.

How to apply

Book an appointment or Visit a branch with the required documents [PDF]

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For children under 11 years old

If you have a child 111 and under, kick-start their financial education with this account.


  • Teach your children basic money concepts by setting up a Children Savings Account on their behalf, which allows you to manage your children’s savings.
  • Review monthly statements with your children, introducing them to essential banking aspects such as deposits, withdrawals, savings and interest. Encourage good saving habits, starting with lai see and pocket money.
  • Supervise your children’s accounts 24/7, via online banking, mobile banking, ATMs and phone banking. 
Mother and daughter laying on the bed to learning on laptop together; image used for HSBC Children Savings Account.

For teens over 11 and under 18

If you're over 11 and under 181, then this is for you!


  • Open accounts in your name to manage money independently.
  • Withdraw and deposit money at ATMs throughout Hong Kong with your ATM card.
  • Check out your monthly statements through online or mobile banking, learn how savings and interest work, and watch your money grow with every deposit you make.
  • You can also use HSBC Mobile Banking to make local transfers to HSBC or other bank accounts via Faster Payment System (FPS), instantly and free of charge2, using a recipient's phone number. You can split a bill or pay tuition fees with ease.

Apply for a Children Savings Account today

Children below the age of 181 are eligible for a Children Savings Account, visit any branch with required documents [PDF].

Please call

(852) 2233 3033 (HSBC Jade)

(852) 2233 3322 (HSBC Premier)

(852) 2233 3000 (Personal Integrated Account)

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1 If your child is under 18 and unable to manage finances independently, you may choose to open the Children Savings Account on their behalf and all transactions must be authorised with your signature(s).

2 There's no charge from us if you pay money to, or receive money from, accounts from other banks via Faster Payment System (FPS), but other banks may have different charging policies. FPS lets you pay via a mobile number, email address, FPS Identifier, or by scanning a QR code.

3 Premier Junior Pack is applicable for children, who are under 18, of HSBC Premier customers. For details, please visit


Risk Disclosure

  • This information is a summary only. Full details of the terms and conditions are available during account opening or upon request.
  • For general fees and charges, please refer to “Bank tariff guide for HSBC Retail Banking and Wealth Management Customers”.