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Protect your Android device from malware

See how we're helping to keep you safe from malware that may try to take over your Android device.

Safeguard your account and Android device

Starting from 26 February 2024, we will roll out new safety measure to the Android version of the HSBC HK App to further strengthen our efforts to protect you from potential fraud resulting from malware. Learn more about what malware scams you need to be aware of, what we've put in place to protect you, and tips you can use to keep yourself safe.

Beware of malware scams

We've seen a rise in malware fraud cases. They happen when fraudsters direct victims to download and install malicious apps on their Android device. This then gives them access to the victims' Android devices to allow them to conduct unauthorised transactions.

Our new safety measure can help protect you from such malware.

New safety measure in the Android version of the HSBC HK App

Starting from 26 February 2024, if we detect potential risks on your Android device, we'll suspend your access to the HSBC HK App from this device for your protection.

With this safety measure, under what conditions will my access to HSBC HK App be suspended?

You'll NOT be affected by the new measure if:

  • You're an Android user and only download apps from your phone's official app stores(for details on official app stores, please refer to FAQs)


Your access might be suspended with the new measure if you have:

  • installed apps from sources other than your phone's official app stores; and
  • granted certain permissions for these apps, such as screen sharing or full control of your device.


What you can do now:

Check the accessibility settings on your device and assess which app permission is necessary. When in doubt, turn off the accessibility settings for those apps (Go to device settings > Accessibility) or delete them.

How will I know if my access to the app is suspended?

After the new safety measure is launched on 26 February 2024, if you see this screen on the HSBC HK app, the new measure is protecting you by suspending your access to the app. To restore access, follow the instructions below.

A screen with the title ‘Your device is at risk’

If my access to HSBC HK App is suspended, what should I do to restore access?

You can restore access to the HSBC HK App by turning off accessibility for apps installed from sources other than your phone's official app stores or delete them.

To check and manage your accessibility settings, simply follow these steps.

Tips to protect yourself from malware

  1. Please be cautious if you receive special offers that require you to download an app or click on a link as this could be a scam. These links or apps may contain malware that can take over your phone.
    • Stay vigilant for special offers promoted on social media or received via message
    • Avoid opening suspicious links or downloading apps that are not from verified developers or trusted channels
    • Download and install apps from trusted and verified channels such as Google Play
    • Never grant full control of your device to any third party or share screen unless you're absolutely certain of the source's trustworthiness.
  2. Review permissions for access carefully and refrain from entering your account information, passwords or any other personal information into such apps or links.

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