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Home renovation - Space-saving solutions for micro-living

You may be frustrated by the serious housing problem in Hong Kong with more and more “nano flats” being existed over the past few years. Don’t be disheartened! With cutting-edge designs and out-of-the-box thinking, you can still craft your small unit into a comfortable and highly functional homes.

1. Get more storage space by a platform bed

A platform bed with closet space underneath can help use every inch of available space without impacting the overall outlook of your house design.

2. Open concept design

Walls are great for privacy but when you’re living in a tiny home, too many walls are a waste of space. Knocking down walls will help open up the room and give the perception that your unit is a lot bigger than it is. Just make sure that the wall you are tearing down is not the main wall and that your plan complies with fire regulations.

3. Make use of wall space and convert it into storage

If you don’t want to lose your privacy by removing a wall, you can consider using a built-in wardrobe to act as a separation between the living room and the bedroom.

4. Use transformable furniture

Transforming furniture is an ideal choice for space optimization, like desks that turn into beds and cabinets that extend into dining tables, has become increasingly popular for micro-living and is available at most major furniture chains. While the price is a bit more expensive than average, it is definitely worth to furnish a micro-apartment comfortably.

5. Embrace "Danshari"

Danshari is an ultimate decluttering discipline which is originated by a famous Japanese writer, Hideko Yamashita, means ditching materialism for the simple life. She promotes three ideograms – “refuse” to bring unnecessary possessions into your life, "throw away" existing clutter, and "separate" from a desire for material possessions. Only objects that are useful for you in that moment should be retained. Once you practice Danshari, you will find that keeping your home neat and clean is a simple task!

Even the smallest spaces can be turned into a comfortable home but it does come at a cost - decorating your home yourself will cost over HKD100,000 at a minimum, while bringing in a professional designer will cost you much more. Applying for a personal loan may be a good option to cover the expenses. HSBC’s Personal Instalment Loan offers you flexible repayment period. Additionally, there is no handling fee and allow you to redraw repaid principle anytime.

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