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Funds investing in index-tracking underlying investments

Constituent funds with underlying investments focused on index-tracking collective investment schemes (ITCIS) and/or index-tracking approved pooled investment funds (APIF)

Currently, the HSBC Mandatory Provident Fund – SuperTrust Plus offers the following index-tracking Constituent Funds, as well as funds that primarily invest in ITCIS(s) and/or index-tracking APIF(s):

  • ValueChoice Balanced Fund2
  • ValueChoice North America Equity Tracker Fund1
  • ValueChoice Europe Equity Tracker Fund1
  • ValueChoice Asia Pacific Equity Tracker Fund1
  • Hang Seng China Enterprises Index Tracking Fund1
  • Hang Seng Index Tracking Fund1


List of Constituent Funds

HSBC Mandatory Provident Fund - SuperTrust Plus

List of Constituent Funds

HSBC Mandatory Provident Fund - SuperTrust Plus

This type of fund's investment objective is to match as closely as practicable the performance of the relevant index by investing directly in an approved ITCIS or an index-tracking APIF with a similar investment objective.

This type of fund achieves its investment objective through investment in an APIF, which in turn primarily invests in two or more ITCIS(s) and/or index-tracking APIF(s).

For details on the performance of each Constituent Funds of HSBC Mandatory Provident Fund – SuperTrust Plus, please click here to check the fund price, click here to check its fund performance, or click here to download the latest Monthly Fund Performance Summary.

The above information is provided solely for reference. Investments involve risks. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. The value of financial instruments, in particular stocks and shares, and any income from such financial instruments, may go down as well as up. For further details including the product features and risks involved, please refer to the MPF Scheme Brochure.

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