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Ways to stay on top of your employer MPF accounts digitally

We provide comprehensive e-Services to help you as an employer manage your MPF administration needs easily

Online services to manage your MPF

We provide employers with MPF e-Services that help you save time on MPF administration work, minimise calculation mistakes and avoid potential surcharges from miscalculation.

HSBC HK Business Express mobile app

Stay on top of your business finances—including your MPF contributions—anywhere. 

You can activate your Mobile Security Key on the HSBC HK Business Express mobile app[@mpf-mpfeservices] to log on more quickly or authenticate your access to HSBC Business Internet Banking, saving you the hassle of carrying a physical Security Device.

View the 'Business Express mobile app MPF services user guide' to learn more.

HSBC Business Internet Banking

Manage your MPF contributions and more with ease online in HSBC Business Internet Banking[@mpf-mpfeservices], a sleek one-stop platform for all your business banking needs.

HR software powered by HSBC

Enrol new employees and make monthly contributions through our designated HR software. Please contact your Customer Service Manager to ask about this service.

Email notifications

If you have a registered email address with us, we will send you email reminders to submit your contribution before the contribution day of each calendar month.

Once we've received your remittance statement, we will also acknowledge receipt by email. This excludes remittance statement received via HSBC Business Internet Banking (BIB) as the acknowledgement of receipt will be provided to you on BIB upon successful submission.

You can register or update your email address by completing a Change of employer details (IN05) form (PDF).

Electronic channels for submitting remittance statements

How to submit

As an employer using our MPF services, you'll need to submit a remittance statement to us regularly. You can save time and administrative hassle by doing so electronically. This could also help you minimise miscalculations and avoid potential surcharges.

Here are 4 ways you can prepare and submit your remittance statements to us:

HSBC MPF WeChat Official Account

You can enjoy self-service through our official WeChat account, available for devices running on Android™ or iOS, such as:

  • getting answers to general enquiries from 'Emma', our virtual assistant
  • accessing the latest updates and HSBC MPF information
  • getting tips on managing your MPF account and planning for your retirement

To find and follow our account, open WeChat and search for WeChat ID 'HSBCMPF'. Learn more about our WeChat account.

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