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A couple is making an online bank transfer on a laptop; image used for HSBC International Transfers

Global Payments

How to send money reliably, conveniently and quickly with HSBC.

Different payment rails to suit your daily global payment needs

Whether you need to send money to family or friends abroad, pay overseas tuition, pay for an overseas property or transfer money to one of your international accounts, you can do it with HSBC Online and Mobile Banking.

When you need to transfer to HSBC global accounts

HSBC Global Transfers1

  • Free and instant transfers to any HSBC account in the world. If you're an HSBC Jade, Premier or HSBC One customer, you can use this service to send money 24x7
  • Support either to self name or third-party accounts2, 3
  • Available in HSBC Online and Mobile Banking

When you need to transfer to non-HSBC global accounts

Send like a local

  • Sending money via Global Money Transfers to over 50 countries/regions in their local currencies of a faster and fee-free experience
  • For eligible countries/regions and currencies, the transfer is fee-free and as fast as within 1 working day
  • Exclusively on HSBC HK Mobile Banking App

Telegraphic Transfers

  • Sending money to over 200 countries/regions in more than 40 different currencies with our extensive and secured bank-to-bank SWIFT network
  • Stay on top anytime, anywhere with the Global Payment Tracker
  • Available in HSBC Online and Mobile Banking, Branch and phone banking (HSBC Jade and HSBC Premier customers)

How it works

Useful documents

  • Log on your HSBC Online Banking/HSBC HK Mobile Banking App
  • Click on the Pay & Transfer tab
  • If you are our HSBC Jade, Premier and HSBC One customers and would like to make a global payment to your self name or other payees’ HSBC accounts in other countries, select “Global Transfers to HSBC accounts”2, 3
  • Otherwise, if you are other personal customers or you want to make global payments to non-HSBC accounts, select “Global payments to other accounts” 

One touch and you're in

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Whether you are buying or selling you can work out how much you will get for telegraphic transfers or banknotes.


HSBC Premier or HSBC One customers can set their own target rate and automatically make transactions when the rate is hit.


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    1. HSBC Global Transfers is an instant transfer to self-named or third-party overseas personal HSBC accounts exclusively available to HSBC Jade, HSBC Premier and HSBC One customers. It is free of charge for HSBC Jade,  HSBC Premier and HSBC One customers exclusively. The service is available for over 23 regions, including Australia, Mainland China, Singapore, the UK and the US, and more. See our full list of regions and complete tariffs guide.
    2. If you are first-time user of HSBC Global Transfers, please log on to HSBC Online Banking and link up all of your accounts by selecting 'Add/ remove a country or territory' in 'My banking' menu. Please have your Mobile Security Key or Security Device ready for the set-up. If you'd like to link your HSBC Hong Kong account to your other HSBC accounts in other countries and regions via Global View, simply enter your Personal Internet Banking username followed by a security code generated from your Mobile Security Key or physical Security Device.
    3. If you would like to make transfer to third party overseas personal HSBC accounts via HSBC Global Transfers, please log on to HSBC Online Banking and add them as new payees first.  You'll need your Mobile Security Key or Security Device ready with you for the set-up.