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How to dispute a transaction

If you notice a suspicious charge or didn't receive what you paid for, here's how to raise a dispute.

If you don't recognise a transaction

There may be a number of reasons why your statement contains a charge you don't recognise. To learn more about a transaction, simply select the specific transaction on the HSBC HK App to go to 'Transaction Detail'.

You'll be able to see details including:

  • transaction details (amount, currency, date, etc.)
  • merchant details (name, website, etc.)

Here's what you can also look out for to identify the transaction:

  • Check the retailer's name
    Retailers are sometimes registered under a different name, so the one on your statement might not be what you expect. Try looking up the name on the internet to see if you can find more details on it.
  • Look out for additional charges
    Some retailers, such as hotels, taxis, airlines or hired cars services, can add additional surcharges to your basic payment package.
  • Check your receipts and your email inbox
    Dig out your receipts to see if you have any from the same day and for the same amount, but listed under a different retailer name. Also, check your email inbox, as you'll often get digital confirmation emails or receipts, and these might also contain the retailer's registered name.
  • Adjacent transactions
    Check other transactions appearing on your statement with a similar timestamp. This may remind you of where you were when the transaction that you don't recognise was made.
  • Consider exchange rates
    If the transaction you don't recognise was made in a foreign currency, the final amount could be different to the amount at the time of your purchase. For refunds, the amount in Hong Kong dollars could be different from the amount of your purchase.
  • Check with your supplementary cardholders
    If you have supplementary cards under your account, ask if the supplementary cardholders might have made the transaction.
  • Check recurring payments
    It could be that the transaction is part of a series of ongoing payments such as an autopay, related to something you set up or subscribed to some time ago.
  • Free trials
    If you've signed up for a free trial recently, check the free trial period and its corresponding terms and conditions. The free trial could have expired, and you may now be paying for goods or services.

If you still don't recognise the transaction after taking these steps, contact us immediately. You may also report the case to Police at the earliest.

Raise a chargeback request

In most cases, you'll need to try and solve the problem by first contacting the retailer. If that proves unsuccessful, then you may contact us to raise a query about the transaction.

It's important that you contact us as soon as possible once you know that there is an issue. You'll need to raise a dispute within 60 days after the statement date (unless the merchant has closed down) so we have sufficient time to process your dispute request.

By phone

You may raise a dispute request by calling our customer service hotline

HSBC Premier customers

(852) 2233 3322

Other customers

(852) 2233 3000

By mail

Fill the Transaction Dispute Form and mail the completed form together with relevant transaction receipt(s) or contract(s) (if applicable) to:

Cardholder Dispute and
Chargeback Section,
Card Centre,
8/F Tower 2 & 3 HSBC Centre,
1 Sham Mong Road, Kowloon
Hong Kong

Important information

About our dispute process

We'll require supporting documents (eg invoices, service contracts etc.) for our investigation and you're advised to submit them to us at your earliest convenience.

In case of any dispute, the decision of the respective card associations shall be final.

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