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MPF Member Benefit Statement

Learn how to understand your Member Benefit Statement

Front page of Member Benefit Statement (MBS)

The front page of the MBS is tailor-made for HSBC MPF members to
provide the following details.

Summary of account movements

  • An overview of account movements of your MPF accounts for the scheme financial period.

Account gain/(loss) since inception

  • Account gain/(loss) since you joined the HSBC MPF scheme.

Fund Allocation 

  • This section shows the fund allocation of your closing balance in pie chart as at the end of the scheme financial period. If your closing balance is zero, no fund allocation will be shown.

Asset Allocation

  • Details of the allocation of Constituent Funds of your HSBC MPF account as at the end of the scheme financial period.

You can refer to the glossary in the last page of the MBS or click here.